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Marjan Van der Donk

I think the panna ones are the same as illustration boards. When I want to experiment, I go to one of those very cheap shops that sell 3 of those boards for €1,45.
Usually, I work on canvasses from the art store – they have good quality canvasses which are a joy to work on, and the price is good too: 30x40cm and 3 for €10,- Sometimes I use prepared paper, but that is almost as expensive as those canvasses. Because I use vintage frames for my finished artwork (bought from second hand stores), my standard-sized canvasses usually don’t fit, so I started to make my own canvasses. The DIY store provides the (poplar) plywood, I glue the painters-cotton on top of that, gesso it, and at the same price as a store-bought canvas I have a custom-sized great surface to paint on!
A cheap option for you could be regular MDF with 3 layers of gesso. I used that for a while. Worked great with my acrylics, but it didn’t work for me with the oils. Resembles the famous MUS panels.
I have a love-hate relationship with texture on canvasses and board! I experimented to find what suits me personally.