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Marjan Van der Donk

Thanks Linn! Hope the saving goes well 😉
I was fortunate enough to be able to ‘test drive’ water mixable oilpaints, thanks to a friend who lend me hers. Do you know anyone who could help you experimenting to see if it’s for you? Or some of those tiny test tubes at the art store? Watermixable oil paints are ideal, for no odours or toxic mediums (Winsor and Newton or Cobra). I started with six basic classic colours, so it wasn’t too expensive (titanium white, yellow ochre, burnt umber, ultramarine blue (umber + blue makes black!), cadmium red and cad yellow was all I needed initially)! I’ve expanded my colour range gradually (first the umbers and sienna’s), always with a specific colour to use/experiment with. And added some mediums too. It’s an adventure!
I’m saving up for a nice book on symbolism used by the Old Masters. Sadly, my birthday isn’t till November … long time to wait 😉