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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi Lucille,

And yes, exactly the same, so after drying not soluble.
And forget the ‘traditional’ epitaph of working in oils, there’s some snobbery going round in the art world. I worked in different ‘traditional’ ways all claiming to be the most traditional haha! For instance tempera : used by great masters (Da Vinci to name just one), same minerals/pigments as in all paints, different medium to make the paint, application as always with brushes, no solvents involved, lovely result. Only reason it put me off was the very fast drying of the paint.
And yes, I have been at the receiving end of ‘you’re not real because you use a modern material’. They forget the above stated, that oil paint was a new and modern invention at some point …
So enjoy REAL traditional painting without all the rashes and migraines!