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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi Lucille,
Fear not, the solution is available in a shop near you! 😉
I have the same problem, so take it from me that water mixable oils work beautifully! I have used them for a year now. You can work in exactly the same way as with solvent based oils. You just use different materials, so sometimes you have to put on your thinking cap to translate the lessons/words/names of mediums.
I use Winsor and Newton Artisan water mixable oils. I use their mediums too for different applications including layers and glazing. Fat over lean works the same as in traditional oils. After experimenting, I decided to NOT use water anymore (except for cleaning the brushes) but always the W&N solvent.
At some point I ‘desperately needed’ a colour that was not in stock at my favourite store, so I bought Cobra Artist by Talens. A very nice oil too, combines perfectly with my W&N colours.
So, get either some W&N or Cobra Artist oils and basic mediums and start enjoying!
I’ll attach a painting of mine as an example. I worked in about 6 layers, fat over lean and final glazes.

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