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Alexander Shunko

Thanks, Andy, I will check it out. It seems that there is a lot to read…

To my belief, the core of the problem is that drawing from reference is a perception. You see the world, you use your senses… You feel.

But when it comes to drawing from imagination, it is not an observation. It is a synthesis. It is a completely different practice!!! And drawing from life actually does not help, because it uses absolutely another “brain muscles”.

I feel that it is like a difference between being a sound engineer and being a musician. No matter how many hours you spend in the studio practicing recording different sounds with the microphones and tape or digital recording equipment… No matter, how many music you’ve heard… No matter how clean or realistic your recordings are. Playing on the drums or violin or maybe singing – is a completely different practice!!! These activities are absolutely different, they do not affect each other, though they have something in common – the sense of sound.

Of course, sound recording could possibly help you to become a _better_ musician, but it is not the way how the musicians learn and practice.

And it seems that if one wants to draw from imagination, one should draw from imagination!!! The one skill is to perceive reality and another is being able to think and construct.

We harvest what we plant, right? ))) Perception vs Synthesis. It is necessary to learn them differently.

Thank you!