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Alexander Shunko

Oh, Rebecca, isn’t it a matterr of finding different objectives in one’s creativity? What is the point of copying the already existing image?

I guess the photograph should serve you, not vice versa.

Beleive it or not, I feel shivers and joy every time I draw expressive and absolutely non-realistic scribbles with colour pencils or with a software and Wacom, but drawing realism with graphite makes me very stiff and sad…

Read aboud the creation of Edward Munch’s “Scream” on Wiki. I guess there is much more sense in such creative acts than to be a slave of hyper-realism. Artist in my opinion shouldn’t become a printer with biological interface.

See old masters’ works, definitely their power is in the subjective and very powerfull expression, not in the 100% objectivity. For example Rembrand’s strokes are much more expressive and abstract and emotionally attractive than 99% of today’s artists work.

Wish You Happy New 2018,