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Lucille Kreps

Yeah, no, I’m really actually loving that seated pose because for once in my drawing it actually looks like the spine and the butt crack are connected to each other instead of like they’re having a heated debate about politics.

117 – testing out some stuff I’m learning in David Rankin’s “Fast Sketching Techniques” but I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I consistently struggle with trying to turn every thing into a rendered drawing instead of sketching and it really limits my ability to grow and learn efficiently. I also bit off more than I could chew last summer trying to go out and watercolor sketch the whole outdoors when I’ve never actually learned to sketch in the first place so I pretty much just went outside and just got a tan. I like the book so far in how he goes out of his way to define sketching as different from drawing with it’s own distinct purpose. And I do want to be able to get things down quickly… but I also feel like I don’t like the style. Maybe after I get used to sketching something will happen with the style? Also, I guess that’s not the point of it at all… it’s about getting used to using really simple value maps and getting moving targets documented quickly so you can be inspired to do longer duration paintings or drawings. It’s so hard for me to get out of this paralyzing mindset where everything I put down has to look good – His book is cool cause he spends pages putting his crappy 30 second sketches next to his amazing 40 hour drawings so you can understand better why you should do it. Pretty cool book so far.

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