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Alexander Shunko

Hello, Jack!

Nice article, thanks! Well, it seems that there is something I can offer…

If you are unsure with concept for your works and want to reinforce it a little bit, try to throw away the photographs (for a while, maybe for month or two). Then the story comes naturally, just because without the photo reference you are forced to stay connected with your real life, your own town, your family, your real friends and their real interests. Without the modern technology you start working just like the artists of the past would do: life becomes a main subject in art. And, in contrast of a photo, life is moving and changing!

To draw a person from a photograph and to draw the same person from life is a whole different experience. People will talk to you, they will provide you a lot of creative information to work with. And every life drawing session tends to hint the next subject of work.

If you work from the imagination, this principle works too. Because the situation where you have no chance to rely on photographs makes you constantly regret of all the real world scenes that you was unable to draw quickly, about all the objects that changed since your last drawing session… And instead of copying the look of an objects, you start realizing how the life goes. You will feel the time going through your works.

It is ok to use the photo reference for studies while you learn, but in terms of the “body of work”… I’d not to use them at all.