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Lucille Kreps

Now. I do understand that I’m crazy.

Anyway, here is a bit of encouragement that I am clinging to and perhaps a sign that my ultimate goal isn’t totally unattainable. It happened this last July while I had my high fever. I’m loopy on my best days but with a fever? Oh forget about it. I was soaking in a hot salt bath trying to cope with it when I noticed that the full length mirror across from the tub had two blotchy images in the steam that had settled on the surface. They both looked like people from my dreams. I mean like really really looked like them. So I got out some grey scale markers and just drew what I saw value wise and this is what I ended up with for one of the faces. It’s not the greatest technically drawing wise it pretty much sucks. But holy cow it looks like my best dream buddy, Linda!!! (what is the text abbreviation for your imaginary BFF? IBFF? best dream buddy forever BDBF? I dunno..) I mean, like, wow really looks like him. A lot. I find it encouraging.

note to self:contract more fevers in the coming year

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