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Lucille Kreps

Went to life drawing session again yesterday and realized something – I am so so so so terrible at drawing dudes. Especially skinny dudes. Well. I guess skinny people in general. I LOVE drawing fat people. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s waaaay more relaxing and it comes out way better. But at some point, I’ll need to draw some skinny people since I dream of the same skinny character over and over again and eventually I want to be able to paint people and things I see in my dreams and hallucinations. So I’ll probably be taking some time off from life drawing sessions and studying anatomy at home since I feel like I’m just starting to do the same things over and over again without learning anything new when I go. After studying some anatomy stuff at home, I’ll go back to life drawing sessions.

I actually tried doing some DTO homework for once and didn’t do as awful as I imagined I would. I tried to scan it but my scanner is only 8.5X11 and my sketchbook is 11X14 so I couldn’t get it to lay flat. I think I worked on this for about 3-4 hours

and in other news: oh wait…what, Derwent??? You don’t sell your graphitint line of pencils open stock?? Come here and tell me that to my face – cause I already have a favorite color and it’s gonna be a nub pretty soon damnit!

lame. So lame.

110 – scanned
111 – photo – wasn’t nearly as big a disaster as the last time I tried to draw a statue head for homework… see page one of this journal, image 42

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