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Lucille Kreps

I put out an ad on craigslist seeking out models and finally had my first private session yesterday. Kind of something I’ve decided to do if I have the funds at the time and my narcolepsy is kicking my butt that way I can still get in my life drawing session but not have to worry about falling asleep driving in traffic. Sometimes going to the life drawing sessions renders me unable to do other things for days so this may be a good solution when I can do it.
My first model didn’t have any experience and moved around a lot but we had a great conversation for 3 hours while I drew and I found myself much more relaxed than I am during the group sessions. At first, it was a bit frustrating that she didn’t sit completely still like a professional would have… but, then, it was actually good cause it helped me let go of that weird prickly thing I get while drawing in group like ‘wait… wtf??? did the model’s arm migrate or did I really draw it that off…. GRR!!! It’s not exact now!!! Is it me? Is it them?…” Man, I need to loosen up. Like. A LOT.

All in all it was a successful day, I got a pot of soup made, drew for 3 hours, ate dinner with my model and still had enough energy to go to work that night – excellent!

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