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Linn Hansson

Thank you Lucille.
The mouth looked better earlier on before I screw it up a bit, not sure how and if I will be able to fix it, but we’ll see. I love drawing statues since I joined this website. Started off with the “Cast Drawing” which improved my drawing technique so much and it gave the courage to continue and believe in myself, that I could do it. I want to re-draw it some day to see if I have improved in a year (although I did not have a lot of time to draw).

I’m not sure why the print gets stripey. It annoys me and makes it hard for me to see what I am doing. I have been thinking about buying some photo paper but I would like to know if it is worth it. Could be that I have not replaced the coloured ink, I once had a printer that did not allow me to print in black and white if the coloured ink was empty, which seemed a but ironic to me. I always have the reference on my ipad as well to help me with the details etc.