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Lucille Kreps

First, I am really so glad Chris brought up the podcast that mentioned how to use the Bridgman book a few weeks ago. I’ve since realized that I’ve watched a lot of these videos before and then completely forgotten about them since my short term memory is sh*t right now. I mean, seriously, it’s bad. So that’s discouraged me from watching videos a lot of times because what’s the point if you’re not remembering anything. Plus, I fall asleep watching the videos a lot. But it turns out it’s going in there somewhere and I’m just later on thinking it was my own idea lol. Oh well, at least it’s going in there somewhere and there seems to (maybe?) be some kind of improvement happening (soooo gradual). It’s nice to know the info isn’t getting lost (like my car keys last week!)

This last week, I did a double life drawing session on wednesday plus did some random color mixing exercises in gouache at dinner between sessions. On Sunday, they had a nine hour model marathon at the same life drawing place and I did that. I used the marathon different from how I normally utilize the 3 hour sessions and instead of focusing on line and form and pushing to do as many angles and sketches as I could I just chilled out, relaxed and just kinda did stuff.

106 – I’m finally finding a way of doing gesture that feels like it’s working for me – I ditched the newsprint and derwent drawing pencil and did them with a brush and water soluble graphite block. It FELT really good. Even if it doesn’t look really good lol. I no longer dread them, that’s a start I guess

96 – using a Derwent Graphitint pencil

97 – Yes, the lady on the left corner really did have those huge creepy looking eyes – I didn’t just draw her bad! The middle lady really did have a large thigh thing going on… but I drew it really badly. Right side is a leg study that went way too far up I think lol.

98 – no, this lady did not have shrunken legs in real life. My bad.

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