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Lucille Kreps

I’m finally calming the freak down on all the many colored pens and just using some sanguine tone stuff to do anatomy studies for a while. I can’t seem to learn without jumping around so I’ve gotten a bunch of sketchbooks to divide the subjects into so I can keep better track of what I’ve done when I do jump and then come back. There will be one sketchbook for legs+feet, arms+hands, torse+pelvis, and head/portrait. Having a whole sketchbook devoted to each topic is helping to solidify the idea that studying anatomy is something to do during your whole life as an artist and it’s gonna take time… when I was drawing as a kid I think I used to really just learn something once and then do it that way all the time and never improve… don’t really know why I was like that?

I met two incredible people this last week – one was a guy living in a building that’s nothing but artists. He does the CRAZIEST faces out of his imagination. Like. So realistic it’s unreal! All in black ballpoint pens. He did a face for this character he made up and it was this weary emaciated Asian guy (it was a post apocalyptic story and he’d been a prisoner) it was crazy – this guy looked so real just looking at the drawing I felt like I knew him – like I could perceive the whole life that he’d lived in that moment. And the light super fine lines he was getting with the ballpoint pen was insane. We had some interesting moments and I got to ask him some questions about his process. There was one painting he did where he was showing it to me and he’s describing ‘I painted this after I broke up with my girlfriend and the hand represents this and the leaf represents that and I used this color because I was feeling angry and that color because I was feeling sad’ ect and so on…. well… ya hear artists say stuff like that… and I really don’t get the process behind it… cause, like, if you came up and asked me about something I drew I would probably look like a dumb*** and say ‘well… I drew this picture of a dog. I guess because I was looking at a dog at the time’ lol. I’m not very expressive. Or, if I am expressive, it’s really not in a way that I could tell someone else what was going on. So I was very curious about his thinking there and we had a nice chat about that.

Another person I met – I’m thinking wtf Bridgman?!?! who really has legs that look like that? Like what did he model that thick super chiseled man leg off of? Where do you ever really see those? All those super chiseled rock like man legs just walkin’ around out in the world? No, Bridgman, I don’t think so – you’re just making stuff up. But then, suddenly, there WAS a bridgman leg!! And he was kind enough to let me take photos for reference so I’ll be sketching that as I get a chance.

And I finally figured out how to comfortably use a hardbound sketchbook – I clip it to my drawing board so it doesn’t flop around. Yeah, it was a hell of a week.

91. some water soluble crayon
92. col-erase terracotta with Derwent drawing Mars Orange to add more contrast. I really don’t know if I overworked these two pages and if the bones still read as light colored objects anymore but I wanted them to be more interesting to look at

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