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Lucille Kreps

Hi Chris,

we don’t have them every day here either but they do happen a few times a week – I’ve been going on wednesdays. And YES there are lots of multiple lights surrounding the model on all sides except for the back. Since I’ve really been using tone as a crutch… it DESTROYED me the first time I went lol. But now I feel like it’s been good since it really forces me to work on line and tone. There are two seats in the room where you can sit and you get a nice form light on the model… but they are on either side of the modeling stand and the model always faces forward for the standing and seated poses so that’s a bit annoying because the seats with the form lighting you are always forced to draw in profile. Every. single. time.

what I’ve been doing is being completely obnoxious during the 30 minute poses and moving around the room if there are open seats – and I’ll even just creep in and sit on the floor if there’s not. So I can turn that one 30 minute pose into 3 10 minute poses to get even more chance to work on form. Luckily, I’ve asked several regulars there if its annoying and they’ve said no so that’s good. I end up then getting front, side, three quarters view and if I have time, I’ll even sneak behind the modeling stand and sit in her break chair for a second and attempt to draw the back view which is tricky cause now it’s back lit and the lights are blinding me. But… all that moving around really seems to be helping make the most of each session.

Thanks for letting me know about the Bridgman podcast – I’ve haven’t had a second to watch anything on here in a month so I’ve missed a lot! I’m gonna go check that out right now : )