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Lucille Kreps

Man, I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t been able to update in a while. Also, I’ve been beat since I’ve been going to life drawing sessions on Wednesdays for the last month. I usually get home from work around 5 am, don’t get to bed for a few hours yet after diner and a shower, and then have to be up by 9am to get to the sessions so it’s been killing me but it’s been good! The last two wednesdays, I’ve done two sessions in a day – I’ll go do one in the morning and then hang out in that part of town and eat dinner… then come back and do the evening session. I’m posting some pages – including a couple really horrible ones from the first life drawing session (don’t even look at those!)

I keep thinking since I’m busy at work that I”m not getting any drawing done… but last night I went through my sketchbook and realized that last wednesday, I made 31 attempts to draw the human figure – not bad for a day! I’m finally buckling down and working on the thing I know I need to work on the most – which is line and form. When I first starting posting on here, I had grounded myself from erasing – I was not allowed to use any erasable mediums for a while – I do think it helped tremendously because now I’ve gone to a terra cotta color col-erase pencil for life drawing and even though I do erase it isn’t bad like it was before where I was feeling like I was somehow doing more erasing than drawing. So now I’m not allowed to use tone for a while… we’ll see what happens!

59 – ug!! After a month long break from drawing while I was sick I’ve become horribly afraid of ‘ruining’ my sketchbook pages again and it’s been creating a real block when I go to sketch so to combat this, I got some stamps and now I just pre ruin the page in advance… heck, may as well sketch something on it now!

60 – there’s oranges and color pencils happening and I’m reading some Andrew Loomis

61 – I’ve never really tried color pencils seriously – I’m pretty happy with how it came out, even though I cheated with gauche for the reflection

63 – oh, god no, like don’t even look at this. first drawing I did from the live model at our open life drawing sessions here. yikes! And no, her butt was not dirty in real life!

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