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David Wade

Managed to have several days of gestural life drawing on holiday this past week and I have learned several things:
1. You can let go of a bad drawing
2. Drawing for the sake of drawing when it’s going wrong is still practice.
3. I like to include the head and facial features as much as I can for my drawings to feel complete.
4. I struggle to not outline everything as Matt suggests
5. Everything covered in the gesture course is relevant.
6. There is a pattern to drawing people that gets easier to see the more you draw
7. I have adopted the starting in the top left of a pose (from Matt), or I will start from the head.
8. Using tone sometimes really helps to feel out a pose.
9. I need to practice putting down light guidelines then revisiting them with added detail as constantly demonstrated in Matt’s examples.
10. The gesture course has taught me so much and now I really want to develop my personal style to incorporate Matt’s teaching from life and from reference photos.