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Lucille Kreps

53 – oh my gesture drawings are not great. But at least I’m getting more comfortable with doing them

57-58. I’m getting nothing done over here – but I did finally get around to trying out some of the supplies I got for dollhouse sized sketching. Ultimately, I want to do drawings and paintings this size but first I think I need to develop really solid drawing skills in full size and then figure out how to shrink them down. I screwed around drawing little cones and a teapot from my imagination just to see how tiny I could get them. Did a figure drawing from a photo.

I got some Andrew Loomis books and I started reading “Successful Drawing” the night before. Oh, and I finally got around to getting a bookshelf for the little library of instructional art (and dollhouse miniature making) books I’ve collected in the last year. Man, it’s a lot easier to find what I need now that they’re not all stacked up in various places throughout the house. It’s crazy how unmanageable the book situation was getting with no book shelf… I only have like 25 books total lol.

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