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Lucille Kreps

Ugh. So I pretty much got some kind of respiratory infection on top of all my usual health crappiness and laid down and died for the last month. Seriously, it was so bad that I’m pleasantly surprised a month later that I’m walking around starting to look normal again – I thought I’d caught some kind of horrible virus that turns people into brain eating zombies.

I’m just in the last few days managing to get back to trying to draw and there has been a new development – I managed to for the first time ever do the gesture drawings to one of the online post videos WITHOUT cheating and pausing the video for 20 minutes lol. They’re not coming out great but I am getting more comfortable doing it and I’m spending more time drawing and less time yelling swears. I found a free website that will play you a slide show of gesture poses and you can choose the timing which is cool so I did that tonight. As I’ve filled sheets of newsprint, I’ve torn them off of my pad and thrown them down on the floor where Detective Jackson (my cat) has studiously seen fit to tear them to shreds for me. I think I like the system we’ve worked out.

What happens in the drawing room, stays in the drawing room.